Api documentation

Api documentation

Find Inventory by VIN

VIN Lookup
v2 v1


Look up a car by its VIN, zip code and radius.



Code Example

# Get your access token
curl -i -H 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' 'https://api.edmunds.com/inventory/token' -X POST -d 'client_id=<api key>' -d 'client_secret=<shared secret>' -d 'grant_type=client_credentials'

# Response should be something like this

# With the access_token now available, we can make the call
# In this example, we want to get a list of cars available for sale, or inventory listings, for all NEW cars at the Santa Monica Audi dealership, which has a dealerhsip ID of 26711
curl -i -H 'Authorization: Bearer jw8qpg8a3yprdbbkwvu2yas2' 'https://api.edmunds.com/api/inventory/v2/vins/4JGDF7DE1EA414724?fmt=json'

# You can make the same call directly in the browser as follows
curl -i 'https://api.edmunds.com/api/inventory/v2/vins/4JGDF7DE1EA414724?fmt=json&access_token=jw8qpg8a3yprdbbkwvu2yas2'