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Api documentation

Car Consumer Ratings and Reviews

Content Ratings and Reviews
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Consumer ratings and reviews for cars. This resource gives you access to user-generated vehicle ratings and reviews that were submitted on Edmunds.com's website, apps or tool.

Please note the version 1 of this resource will be discontinued in January 2014. Please move your applications to the new version as soon as you can.


Special Requirements

Edmunds.com’s Visitor Vehicle Ratings and Reviews are provided to Edmunds.com by its visitors, and are the proprietary materials of Edmunds.com, Inc. by virtue of Edmunds’ agreements with its visitors.

Accordingly, we have special requirements for the display of Visitor Vehicle Ratings and Reviews.

1) The display of Visitor Vehicle Ratings and Reviews (or either of them) must clearly and prominently state that the Ratings and Reviews are from visitors to www.edmunds.com, and may not state or imply that they constitute the opinion of Edmunds.com. For example:

  • “Visitor reviews of this vehicle posted on Edmunds.com:”


  • “Edmunds.com visitor vehicle reviews:”


  • “Average vehicle rating from visitors to Edmunds.com:”


  • “Edmunds.com average visitor rating for this vehicle:”

2) If not all of the Visitor Vehicle Reviews for a particular vehicle are displayed, you must make clear that you are displaying only selected Visitor Vehicle Reviews. For example:

  • “Selected visitor reviews of this vehicle posted on Edmunds.com:”


  • “Selected Edmunds.com visitor vehicle reviews:”

3) No Visitor Vehicle Review that is displayed may be edited or abridged.

4) Each Visitor Vehicle Review must include the username of the visitor who submitted it and the published date (as it is returned by the API).

5) You must be include the following legal notice:

Edmunds.com Visitor Vehicle Ratings and Reviews are the property of Edmunds.com, and may not be reproduced or distributed without the consent of Edmunds.com. Edmunds® is a trademark of Edmunds.com, Inc. Edmunds.com, Inc. is not affiliated with this website or app.