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Dealer API

Dealer API

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The Dealer API is comprised of a collection of resources that provide access to an array of datasets related directly to the automotive dealership.

Please note that dealer inventories aren’t available in this API. They are available in the Inventory API.

If you haven’t yet, this might be a good time to read the API Overview page to familiarize yourself with some of the core concepts required to using the API.

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Quick Start

Let’s get right to it, shall we? Here’s a few REST calls that should get you started using the API with ease. You could copy and paste these calls into your browser, add your API key to them and then press ENTER! Better yet, you could use our API Console to make live API calls of your own. Once you’re comfortable with these calls, you should think about downloading our Javascript SDK. It will make your development life with the Edmunds API much easier :)

Example 1: Get a list of all dealerships within 10 miles from 90019 that sell or service Hondas

https://api.edmunds.com/api/dealer/v2/dealers?zipcode=90019&make=honda&radius=10&fmt=json&api_key={your API key}

Example 2: Get a dealership 5 most recent sales and service consumer ratings and reviews by the dealer ID

https://api.edmunds.com/v1/api/drrrepository/getdrrbydealerid?dealerid=26643&limit=0%2C5&fmt=json&api_key={your API key}

Example 3: Get model, model year, style and trim data for Honda

https://api.edmunds.com/v1/api/drrrepository/getdrrbyzipcodeandmake?zipcode=90019&make=bmw&limit=0%2C5&fmt=json&api_key={your API key}

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API Uses

Here are some common uses of the Dealer API:

  • Get all dealerships within a certain zip code and radius
  • Get all dealerships by the kinds of cars they sell
  • Get all franchises within a certain zip code and radius
  • Get all repairshops within a certain zip code and radius
  • Get consumer ratings and reviews of a dealership by its Edmunds ID
  • Get consumer ratings and reviews of dealerships by their car makes and the zip code they’re in

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Available Resources

The Dealer API has two resources:

Resource Name Description
Dealer Ratings and Reviews This is where you can get dealerships’ ratings and reviews that are collected on Edmunds.com’s website, apps and tools.
Dealer Details This is where you can get dealerships’ name, location, operating hours, contact information, etc. by zip code and optionally the cars they sell.

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