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Api documentation

Spec: Make

Spec: Make
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A vehicle make is either the name of its manufacturer or, if the manufacturer has more than one operating unit, the name of that unit. We made it super easy to get a list of car makes. In this version, you can get a list of car makes and their relevant data through the following endpoints (accessible from the drop-down menu above):


  • Get Total Count of Car Makes: Get the total number of car makes. You can use filters to get subtotals (e.g. give me the total number of new cars)

  • Get Details on a Specific Car Make: Same as the first endpoint but this one returns relevant information for a specific car make. The information can also be narrowed down with filters.

  • Get a List of Car Makes: You can get the entire list of car makes or use some basic filters to return the array of car makes you’re interested in.

These three endpoints provide all the necessary data.


Example 1: Get relevant information for all car makes that were active in 1995

http://api.edmunds.com/api/vehicle/v2/makes?fmt=json&year=1995&api_key={vehicle api key}

Example 2: Get information on USED Hondas

http://api.edmunds.com/api/vehicle/v2/honda?fmt=json&state=used&api_key={vehicle api key}

Example 3: Get the total number of car makes that are listed as New

http://api.edmunds.com/api/vehicle/v2/makes/count?fmt=json&state=new&api_key={vehicle api key}