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Api documentation


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Get photos.



Example 1: Get photos by tags


Example 2: Get photos by make/model/year


Example 3: Get photos by make/model


Example 4: Get photos by style ID


Media Base URL

The photos returned from this endpoint come in URL stub format, for example ‘/audi/s7/2013/oem/2013_audi_s7_sedan_prestige_fq_oem_6_2048.jpg’. The base URL for media/photos is http://media.ed.edmunds-media.com or https://media.ed.edmunds-media.com so the above Audi photo can be found at http://media.ed.edmunds-media.com/audi/s7/2013/oem/2013_audi_s7_sedan_prestige_fq_oem_6_2048.jpg or https://media.ed.edmunds-media.com/audi/s7/2013/oem/2013_audi_s7_sedan_prestige_fq_oem_6_2048.jpg.

Photo’s width/height

Width Height
87 55
98 65
131 87
150 100
175 110
185 123
196 131
276 184
300 200
396 264
400 267
423 282
500 315
600 400
717 478
815 544
1280 854
1600 1067

Photo Shot Types (i.e. shotTypeAbbreviation)

Our photos are diverse in terms of the perspective from which they were taken. Here’s a list of the all available shot types, which you will find in the API response as the value of the property shotTypeAbbreviation:

Shot Type Description
FQ Front Quarter view of entire vehicle, usually from the driver’s side
RQ Rear Quarter view of entire vehicle, from either the driver or passenger’s side
I Forward Interior Shot showing dash, seats and windshield
RI Interior Shot showing rear seats. Can also be taken from outside of vehicle.
S Profile view of entire vehicle; usually left-hand side
CARGO Shot of vehicle’s trunk, bed, or other primary cargo area
E Shot of vehicle’s entire engine bay, usually from directly above
W Shot of vehicle’s entire wheel, usually the front-left
D Shot of vehicle’s entire dashboard, usually taken from the rear-int
CC Shot of vehicle’s center console, usually taken from the rear-int
F Front end of vehicle. Shot includes rest of body as well, but not in primary focus
R Rear end of vehicle. Shot includes rest of body as well, but not in primary focus
DETAIL Detail can be anything interior that has a specific need for attention
B Close-up of an exterior emblem on the vehicle body. Trim/Engine/Packages, etc.
O Any exterior shot that does not fit into any other type
PROFILE Additional profile/side view of entire vehicle, from driver or passenger’s side