The vast majority of the automotive data that powers Edmunds.com's website, iOS app, Android app and tools has been made available to the larger developer community for FREE.

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This API encompasses a wide variety of vehicle-centric datasets including vehicle specs (e.g. make and model names, trim, options, colors, equipment, engine, MPG, ...etc), consumer ratings and reviews, stock photos, vehicle pricing and maintenance schedules just to name a few. The API has the biggest dataset Edmunds.com has to offer.

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This API offers access to Edmunds.com's automotive articles and vehicle editorial reviews, including video reviews, vehicle pros, vehicle cons, safety and performance reviews.

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This API gives access to dealerships location and identity data as well as their consumer ratings and reviews.

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This API enables vehicle inventory search and inventory VIN lookup.

This API provides access to vehicles photo and video content

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Docs and Console

The docs are organized around API resources, code samples with syntax highlights, while the console is for making live API calls!



If the docs couldn't answer your questions, the FAQs probably will. These are some of the most common and frequent questions we get from the community.



With the forum and Twitter, we encourage the community to engage and help us and each other optimize the use of the Edmunds API



SDKs, widgets and everything else we do, including this very portal, is on Github.